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What Is WebsaytNimo?

WebsaytNimo is an easy-to-use website builder perfect for your small businesses, professional services, personal bio, blogging; or any brand or organization, needing of online presence for effectively expanding your customer base.

With WebsaytNimo, you can easily build a well-designed and professionally looking website in just three easy steps, or in just less than three minutes!
Can't believe it? Check out the video below on how a website is built using WebsaytNimo in no time!

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What Will You Get?

When you build a website with WebsaytNimo, you will not just get a great website for FREE, but also a Support Team that will guide you in the website building process, help you in improving your website's contents, as well as attend to whatever issues or difficulties you encounter - we are just a message away.

WebsaytNimo provides you with several website themes to choose from (and they come in different colors and design), that will suit with whatever business, brand, or organization you are in.

Not just that, with WebsaytNimo you will get cool free "apps" by default which will add more features and make your website more stunning! These apps are slideshows, gallery, contact form, social channels, and many more!

You can also upload photos, videos, audio or music - and personalize your website to whatever you have in mind.!

All these you'll get... for FREE!

Build A FREE Website Now!

Then Why Free?

WebsaytNimo is intended for micro and small businesses that do not have huge resources and budget for online marketing.

Building and maintaining a great website can be very expensive, but with WebsaytNimo, we take care of all the hassle in creating a professionally-looking theme, ensuring compatibility of your website to run on desktop and mobile devices, as well submitting your website to popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) so people can easily find your business or brand on the web.

Build A FREE Website Now!

How Do We Make Money Then?

Webhosting is expensive, REALLY expensive. On top of that are the costs of running a Development Team who are working on improving our services, as well do customer support.

The Basic Website Package is FREE that's for sure.
This FREE package allows you to create one website with 12 pages, 6 slider images, 24 gallery images, 50 articles, and up to 50 file uploads - more than enough to build a comprehensive business or personal website.

If you want more, you can select from any of our very affordable Premium Website Packages and start adding more pages, more photos, and more articles.

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FREE websites would also get ads at some intervals, so if you want to completely disable these ads on your website, you can do that by paying a very affordable monthly price of just ₱50.

Build A FREE Website Now!

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